Paper 12 C Environmental Biology


Environmental Biology

Unit 1

Air pollution; Important primary (CO, CO2, oxides of sulphur & Nitrogen, H2S Chlorine, Particulares, Odour Producing compounds) & Secondary Air Pollutants (Smog, Acid rain, Primary Photochemical reaction, Formation of ozone and Peroxyacetyl nitrate in air), Effect of air pollutants on Buildings & Monuments, plants, man and animals; Biomonitoring, Air pollution control (particulates and gaseous pollutants) Green belt, Ozone depletion, mechanism of depletion control strategies;

Unit 2

Water pollution ; Eutrophication process and control, Oil pollution, Thermal Pollution, Heavy metal Pollution, Treatment, Disposal & Recycling of Wastewaters, drinking water standards, Minimum National Standards

Solid & Hazardous waste management & Resource Recovery : Solid wastes, Types, collection, Shrinking waste stream; 3Rs (Reduction, Recycle & Reuse) Composting, energy from waste, demanufacturing; Methods of disposal Landfill Open dumps, Exporting waste Hazardous waste, Definition disposal and management.

Unit 3

Climate Issues: Greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, CFCs, sources, trends and role) and consequence of greenhouse effects (CO2 fertilization, global warming, sea level rise Biodiversity erosion) Carbon footprints, Carbon sequestration, Applications of GIS and Remote sensing technology in environmental studies the future of planet earth.

Policies Regulations & related issues: Water (Prevention and control of Pollution) Act 1974, Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act 1981, Environment (Protection) Act 1986, WildLife Protection) Act 1972, Forest (Conservation) Act 1980 Biodiversity Act 2002.

Unit 4

Environmental concerns; Environment auditing, Ecological footprints, Environment Impact, Assessment Bioindicator and Biomarkers of Environmental health; Environmental economics, Ecopolitics and green policies, Ecolabel, Rain water harvesting, Orans, indira Gandhi Canal and its ecological implication water logging & salinity problem, The management alternatives.

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