Paper XI (a) : Advanced Plant Pathology


 Advanced Plant Pathology

Unit I

Plant Pathology: History & Scope. Nature, Origin. & Evolution of parasitism. Biotic and abiotic pathogens, Pathogen factors in disease development. Penetration, infection and pathogenesis.Physiological specialization in phytopathogenic microbes. 


Host factors in disease development : Inoculum Potential, Phenomena of resistance and susceptibility. Protective and defence mechanisms in plants, Phytoalexins. Breeding for disease resistance plants.

Environmental factors in disease development: Epiphytotics and plant disease forecasting.


IPM, Application of biotechnology and information technology in pest management. 

Molecular Plant Pathology: Molecular diagnosis, identification of genes and specific molecules in disease development, molecular manipulation of resistance. Non-parasitic diseases and control measures.


Principle of Plant Protection, Physical, Chemical and biological control of plant diseases,

Classification and anatomy of galls: Some insect induced plant galls of Rajasthan, mechanism and physiology of insect galls. 

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