Paper-XII (a): Advanced Plant Pathology-II


Advanced Plant Pathology-II

Scheme of Examination Max.Marks: 100 Each paper will have 9 questions, out of which a student has to attempt 5 questions including the question No.1 which will be compulsory. The question No. I will carry 20 marks and will have several short objective types of questions such as multiple choice type, one line answer type, one word type and fill in the blanks type.

Advanced Plant Pathology-II


Fungal diseases: Symptomatology, disease identification and control of flag smut of wheat, covered smut of barley, blast of paddy, smut Jowar, Red rot of sugarcane, flax rust, early blight of potato. 


Bacteria:  Classification and nomenclature of bacterial plant pathogens. Methods of identification of bacterial diseases (Morphology, Physiology, serology and pathogenicity)

Bacterial disease : Brown rot of potato, blight of rice, soft rot of vegetables, crown gall disease, angular leaf spot of cotton.

Unit III

Virus, viroid and phytoplasma disease: Symptomatology and transmission of viral diseases; Potato virus X & Y, Tomato ring mosaic bunchy top of banana; viroids and important viroid diseases. Phytoplasma General account; Sesame phyllody, spike disease of sandal.

Unit IV 

Nematology: Brief history, classification and identification of plant pathogenic nematodes. Morphology and anatomy of nematodes, Methods used in Nematology and Control of Plant parasitic nematodes. 

Nematode Disease: Molya disease of wheat & barley, ear cockle of wheat, root knot disease

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