Paper 9 Pant Resources Utilization and Conservation.


Paper 9 Pant Resources Utilization and Conservation

Unit 1

Plant Biodiversity ; Concept status in india utilization and concerns.

Sustainable development; Basic concepts, Origins of agriculture.

World centres of primary diversity of domesticated plants; The Indo -Burmese center, plant introductions and secondary centres.

Unit 2

Origin, evolution, botany cultivation and use of ; (i) Food, Forage and fodder crops (ii) fibre crops (iii) medicinal and aromatic plant, and (iv) vegetable oil yielding crops.

Unit 3

Important fire wood and timber yielding plants and non wood forest products (NWFPs); such as bamboos, rattans, raw materials for paper making gums, tannins, dyes, resins and fruits.

Green revolution; Benefits and adverse consequences. Innovation for meeting world food demands.

Plants used as avenue trees for shade, pollution control  and esthetics Principle of conservation extensions environmental status of plants based on International Union for Conservation of nature.

Unit 4

Strategies for conservation- In situ conservation; international efforts and indian initiatives,  Protected area in india – sanctuaries national parks, biosphere reserves, wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs, conservation of wild biodiversity.

Strategies for conservation – ex situ conservation; Principles and practices.botanical gardens, field gene banks, Seed banks, in- intro repositories, cryobanks, general account of the activities of Botanical survey of india (BSI), National Bureau of Plant genetic resources (NBPGR), Indian council of agricultural research (ICAR), council of scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the department of Biotechnology (DBT) for conservation, non -formal conservation efforts

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