Ultra structure of cell wall


Ultra structure of Cell Wall

  • Plant cell has three layered structures and Each of the layers is made up of fibrils.
  • In this β glucose molecules are united to form a long chain. About 100 such chains are arranged around the central point to form a micelle.These types of 20  micelles form one microfibril which is the main constituent of the cell wall. And 250 microfibril are arrange as a bundle and form the cellulose fiber that form the cell wall.
  • In the primary cell walls made up of submicroscopic strands of cellulose which are interwoven to create a dense network .
  • These microfibrils In the secondary wall are arranged In parallel manner making successive lamellae instead of forming a network. In the successive layers of secondary wall ‘the direction of these microfibrils is changed.
  • At few places the microfibrils of secondary cell material are not deposited thereby forming pits In these spaces lignin. cutin. hemicellulose and suberine are deposited.

 B glucose molecules —Form a chain — micelle (20)  — Microfibrils (250) — fibril —) cell wall

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