Growth of cell wall


Growth of cell wall

The growth of primary cell wall

The growth of primary cell wall is of two types

Growth due to Intussusception :

In this type growth occurs in the surface area of a cell by the deposition of new particles between the existing components of the cell wall.

The newly formed substance remains  inside the primary wallIn this pectose. cellulose and calcium pectate particles get intussusception during primary cell wall formation thin, tender and delicate and a flexible, wall is formed

This wall is stretched to increase its size.During stretching open spaces are available in between particles new particles are embedded and adhered at these placesThe growth occurs as a single layer.

Growth due to Apposition

In this type the growth occurs by deposition of substances as a successive laver of material on primary wall as a thickeried surface. 

As the layers grow the thickness of secondary wall also increases simultaneously The primary cell wall increases both in length and breadth before the formation of secondary cell wall formation.

Additionally small cellulose or pectose particles are deposited on the primary cell wall and arranged In vacant spaces.

Every new layer Is deposited by. appostton ‘but the process of each layer formation Is mainly by Intussusception.

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