Paper 1  Cell & molecular Biology of Plant



 Syllabus M.Sc. Prev. Botany

Scheme – Each paper have 9 questions, out of which a student has to attempt 5 questions including the question No.1 witch will be compulsory. The question No.1 will carry 20 marks and will be of several short objective type questions such as multiple choice type, one liner answer type , one word type and fill in the blanks types.

Paper 1  Cell & molecular Biology of Plant

Unit 1

The dynamic of cell structure, organization of the plant cell, specialized plant cell types, chemical foundation, biochemical energetics

Cell wall structure function Biogenesis growth,

Plasma membrane structure models and functions, Site for ATPase, ion carriers, channels and pumps, receptors.

Plasmodesmata structure role in movement of molecules and macromolecules comparison with gap junction.

Unit 2

Chloroplast structure genome organization gene expression RNA editing, nucleo chloroplastic interaction.

Mitochondria, Structure genome organization biogenesis

Plant vacuole Tonoplast membrane ATPase transporters, as storage organelle.

Nucleus – Structure, nuclear pores, nucleosomes organization, DNA structure, A, B and Z forms replication, damage and repair, transcription, plant promoters and transcription factors, splicing m RNA transport nucleolus, rRNA biosynthesis.

Restriction enzymes Cleavage of DNA into specific fragments construction of a restriction map from the fragments, restriction sites as genetic markers, RFLP and their use in plant breeding.

Unit 3

Ribosome Structure site of protein synthesis, mechanism of translation initiation, elongation and termination, structure and role of tRNA.

Protein sorting : Targeting of proteins to organelles.

Cell shape and motility : The cytoskeleton, organization and role of microtubules and microfilaments motor movements, implications in flagellar and other movements.

Unit 4

Cell Cycle and apoptosis : control mechanisms, role of cyclins and cyclin – dependent kinases, retinoblastoma and E2F proteins, cytokinesis and cell plate formation, mechanisms of programmed cell death. 

Other Cellular organelles : Structure and functions of microbodies, Golgi apparatus, Lysosomes, endoplasmic reticulum. 

Techniques in cell biology: Immunotechniques in situ hybridization to locate transcripts its cell types, FISH, GISH, confocal microscopy.

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