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Diversity of Plant Kingdom


Diversity of Plant Kingdom


Algae: General characters, Classifications (Fritsch) upto classes. Diverse Habitat. Range of thallus structure. Reproduction (Vegetative, Asexual, Sexual). Types of the life cycle. Type studies of: Chlorophyceae- Chara; Rhodophyceae-Polysiphonia.

Fungi: General characteristics; Thallus organization; types of fruiting bodies, Cell wall composition; Heterokaryosis and parasexuality; Nutrition; Classification (Alexopoulos); reproduction, economic importance. Type studies: Zygomycota: Rhizopus, Basidiomycota: Agaricus.
Lichens- General characters, habitat, morphology and reproduction.
15 hrs


Bryophytes: General characters, Origin, and evolution of Bryophtya. Classification (Rothmaler), Habitat, Range of thallus structure, Reproduction (Vegetative and Sexual), Alternation of generations and Economic importance. Study of Morphology, Anatomy, Reproduction, Gametophytes and porophytes of Marchantia and Funaria.
15 hrs


Pteridophytes: General characters of Pteridophytes, affinities with Bryophytes & Gymnosperms, classification, economic importance, study of life histories of fossil Pteridophytes – Rhynia. Type studies Life histories of Selaginella- (Heterospory and seed habit) Marsilea. Steler System in Pteridophytes
15 hrs


Gymnosperms: General characters, classification, Gymnosperms: Type studies Life histories of Cycas and Ephedra Economic importance of gymnosperms.
Angiosperms: General characters, Differences between Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons, Typical life cycle of Angiosperm. 15 hrs

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