Biogenesis of Mitochondria


Biogenesis of Mitochondria

1. From pre existing mitochondria

Luck Claude and Tandler

A- By budding

  • According to this theory – Double membranous bud are form from pre existing mitochondria
  • which are develop and form new mitochondria

B- By septa formation

  • In this method Mitochondria grow in length and form 2-3 septa in it
  • All septa are break and form fragment
  • These fragment developed in to new mitochondria

2- From E.R. or Plasma Membrane Morison

  • According to this theory – Plasma membrane and E.R. formed many fold in it,
  • These fold make a cylindrical structure.
  • These cylindrical structure are curved and form new mitochondria

3- Prokaryotic origin

Altman & sagar

  • According to this theory – Mitochondria are self biogenic unit
  • Mitochondria and bacteria have many similarity so there origin is accepted form prokaryotic structure.
  • Many years ago these prokaryotic cell enter in to the Eukaryotic cell and live as symbiosis. Which are today is known as mitochondria.
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