B.Sc. 2 Biotech Unit 1 English

DNA Replication

DNA Replication is Semi-Conservative: Watson and Crick model suggested that DNA replication is semi-conservative.  It implies that half of the DNA is conserved.  Only one new strand is synthesized, the other strand is the original DNA strand (template) that is retained.  Each parental DNA strand serves as a template for one new complementary strand. The …

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  Greek Chroma = colour. Name given by Flemming (Flemming, 1879) In the nucleus, DNA combines with a specific type of protein to form a complex structure called Chromatin. Chromatin contains DNA/RNA/Histone Protein, Alkaline Protein and Non Histone Protein (Acidic Protein). It is a threadlike structure. Which is called Chromonemata, which intertwine together to form …

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Chemical Nature of DNA/ Biochemical organization of DNA

Structure of DNA : Biochemical composition of DNA Discover – Miescher- Pus-cell -Name Nuclein  Altman -Nucleic Acid  Each nucleotide unit consists of three types of compounds which are as follows : (1) A pentose sugar -the 5 carbon deoxyribose sugar (2)  2. Phosphoric Acid (H₃PO₄) (3)  Nitrogenous base-a heterocyclic ring containing nitrogen 1. Pentose sugar …

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